Tenant Tips

Tenant Tips from the Service Department

If ever you have to restore electricity, go to the breaker panel and reset the breaker.  This means that you have to push the breaker back to ‘off’, and then forward to ‘on’ in order to reset it. If successful, you will hear a click as it moves into place and your electricity will be restored. If the breaker flips back again, you have a circuit problem that needs professional attention.  Do not force the breaker.  Notify Sleepwell.


Compact fluorescent bulbs use 65% less electricity than incandescent ones. However, do not use compact florescent bulbs on a dimmer switch. The light may flicker uncontrollably.  If you have a flickering light, check to see if the bulb can be replaced with an incandescent bulb or an LED bulb.  Compact fluorescents must be recycled– they contain trace amounts of mercury.  Home Depot recycles them.

Available apartment

60 Stewart Street,
Ottawa, ON, K1N 6J1

bedrooms: 1 bedroom
price: $995
available: January
  • Great 1 bedroom apartment in Sandy Hill!
  • Spacious living room with decorative fireplace
  • 1 full bathroom
  • Hardwood floors throughout
  • Parking available -

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