Tenant Tips

Service by the Season: Autumn

Tips from the Service Department: 

Smoke detectors are mandated by law. Disabling a smoke detector is a criminal offense. If your smoke detector is too close to a cooking area and goes off unnecessarily, contact Sleepwell.  We will re-locate it for your safety. 

For Your Heating Comfort:  Check your radiatorsto make sure they are working. All rads: electric baseboards, hot water radiators - copper fin baseboards or large cast iron radiators, must be free of dust and obstructions for adequate heat.  This includes making sure radiators with fins have no dust build up between the fins.  Vacuum them.  For radiators with flaps, make sure the flaps are open in order for air to circulate.  For larger cast iron radiators, make sure the valve is open for water to flow.  The valve is located on one side of the radiator, either near the floor or at the top of the pipe that connects to the radiator.  At times these rads build up air pockets which stop the water from flowing. If this is the case, you will not have heat and will need to contact Sleepwell.

 Keep radiators free of dust or other objects that will absorb the heat being produced. Be sure to move your furniture so that all chairs, couches, bookcases, entertainment units, desks, beds, etc, aren’t too close to your radiators or heating convectors. Don’t let your drapes or curtains cover radiators. This will divert heat to your windows instead of into your rooms.

In the winter months, to vent fresh air into the apartment, please only open windows that are NOT above hot water radiators.  Exposing hot water radiators to prolonged cold air may freeze or damage the water pipes, for which tenants are liable.

Available apartment

134 Willow Street,
Ottawa, ON, K1R 6W3

bedrooms: 2 bedrooms
price: $2100
available: January
  • Stunning 2 bed, 2 bath unit with luxury finishes!
  • Modern kitchen complete with stainless steel appliances
  • Open concept living area
  • Large master bedroom with en suite

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