Tenant Tips

Tenant Referral Bonus

We are pleased to offer this incentive to our tenants in good standing who have  friends and family that sign a lease with us.  Sometimes sleeping well means having loved ones, close...

Understanding the Rhythm of the Ottawa Rental Market

Timing has a huge influence on what kinds of accommodation are on the market.  Consistently the number of units available is counter-balanced by the number of people looking. For example, in August the market pressure is very tight, everyone...

How to work successfully with a rental agent and find a great place to live!

Ottawa is a dynamic city, with varied neighbourhoods, parks, communities and cultures. Finding the right place to live is an opportunity to discover plenty!    Here are a few...

Service by the Season: Winter

Salt, Sand and Sun:  What to Use, When. As our seasons become more dramatic and dynamic, managing snow, ice, and rain in winter can be a challenge.  Our crew of snow removal contractors become busy, swiftly. Please...

Why is Renter's Insurance Worth a Second Look?

According to the Insurance Bureau of Canada, about half of all renters don’t take out any kind of tenant’s insurance. Yet it’s extremely important for renters to be protected financially in the event of major unexpected damages...

When You Travel, How You Leave Your Place Counts For A Lot!

Going Away for the...

Tenant Tips from the Service Department

If ever you have to restore electricity, go to the breaker panel and reset the breaker.  This means that you have to push the breaker back to ‘off’, and then forward to...


Sleepwell – Eco!  Resource conservation matters to us.  It is essential to our tenant’s and our landlord’s well being. Here is what we did - since 30% of...

Service by the Season: Autumn

Tips from the Service Department:  Smoke detectors are mandated by law. Disabling a smoke detector is a criminal offense. If your smoke detector is too close to a cooking area and goes off...

Streamlined Office Procedures: Getting it Right Means Getting it Done.

These streamlined processes will help us serve you better.   When issuing rent cheques, please write your address on the cheque.  Make sure that you have...

Available apartment

207 Charlotte Street,
Ottawa, ON, K1N 8K8

bedrooms: 3 bedrooms
price: $1950
available: May
  • Spacious 3 bedroom apartment
  • Hardwood floors throughout
  • Faux fireplace in living room
  • Updated kitchen and bathroom
  • Card laundry in basement
  • No parking

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