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Let Sleepwell take on the responsibility of managing your commercial properties. Our experienced and professional team consistently delivers cost-effective and reliable business results.

For more than a decade, Sleepwell has established itself as one of Ottawa's most successful residential property management companies. Building on our proven expertise and sustained industry success, Sleepwell has now added commercial management to our service offering. We look forward to providing the same level of care and support to our commercial clients that our residential client have always enjoyed.

You can now benefit from our:


  • Regardless of the type of commercial property, we understand the legal rights and responsibilities of both the property owners and tenants and are committed to delivering excellence within these parameters.
  • We employ state-of-the-art software to effectively organize and support our management operations.
  • Strengthened by remote access to our state-of-the-art software and technology, all managers and service technicians can seamlessly work on-site with fully integrated access to relevant client and building data. This allows us to deliver timely and cost-efficient management of your commercial property.
  • The Sleepwell team is comprised of dedicated individuals, each specializing in one or more of the different knowledge areas required to effectively and responsibly manage a variety of commercial properties.


  • Sleepwell is one of Ottawa's top residential property management companies with over a decade of experience and more than one thousand properties in our portfolio.
  • We bring a wealth of experience and property management knowledge to the commercial sector (office spaces, retail locations, warehouses, all types of commercial real estate) by providing a depth of proven resources, dependable attention to detail, and a strong commitment to the interests of our clients.
  • The company's excellence and reliability has earned it an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. Sleepwell was also the proud recipient of the 2013 Consumer's Choice Award for Best Residential Property Management.

On-site Management

  • From filling vacancies and vetting potential occupants, to maintaining the physical building, parking lots, and surrounding green space, Sleepwell takes care of every management requirement at your commercial location.
  • This includes, but is not limited to: performing regularly scheduled maintenance, arranging repairs, providing snow removal and landscaping services etc. We employ trusted and skilled tradesmen and contractors to perform these duties in a prompt and professional manner.

Administrative and Accounting Services

  • Sleepwell provides highly systemized and reliably accurate administrative and accounting services to ensure the property is being properly managed in accordance with current statutes and codes.
  • Our well-organized services include: property inspections, property record maintenance, drafting and executing of lease agreements, rent collection coordination, income management and the responsible payment of property taxes, utilities, insurance, and other invoices.
  • We have strong leasing resources with a solid industry presence.


  • Sleepwell has been successfully marketing properties in the Ottawa area for over 10 years. We can ensure the most desirable tenants know about your commercial property.
  • We handle every aspect of advertising and marketing your property including: listing the property to showcase its strengths, coordinating individual showings, and answering enquiries in a knowledgeable and professional manner.
  • Our advertising and promotional expertise spans all types of media including targeted print media and specialized online marketing.


  • Managing commercial property can be a challenging endeavour. Even with experience and planning, unforeseen problems and unpredictable events can occur.
  • Sleepwell is experienced and capable of dealing with a wide variety of commercial issues. Our dedicated team is prepared to quickly mobilize, regardless of the circumstance, all in an effort to keep your commercial properties running smoothly.

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24/7 Tenant Services

Sleepwell provides friendly and responsive customer service to all our tenants, including 24 hour/7 day a week accessibility to help, in case of emergency.

All our properties go through an extensive quality control process, but if something needs our attention, our in-house maintenance department is ready to respond in a timely and professional manner. Initiating this process is easy, either through our online forms or our supplied emergency phone numbers. This information and more is provided to you in a Welcome kit when you become a Sleepwell tenant.

"We would like to thank Sleepwell for their amazing service during our tenancy with you. You have been so easy to deal with and are truly outstanding professionals."

Scott Andrews
University of Ottawa

Available apartment

370 Dominion Avenue ,
Ottawa, ON, K2A 3X4

type: CONDO
bedrooms: 2 bedrooms
price: $2200
available: March
  • Beautiful 2 bedroom condo!
  • Completely furnished and fully equiped kitchen
  • Bright and spacious living space
  • Huge balcony w/ amazing views of the Ottawa River and the

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