Moving into your first apartment is a huge milestone of early adulthood. Having independence, being able to set your own schedule, striving to cook your first edible meal – it’s all fun and games until you realize at two in the morning that you don’t have toothpaste. Make sure your apartment is all set with this list of must-have items for your first apartment:

The most important investment you’ll ever make in your life is buying a good mattress. The physical and mental benefits of a good night’s sleep on a mattress with proper back support will have positive ripple effects in all other areas of your life. Even if you can’t afford a good mattress to start, make it a priority to save up and get one. Pillows, sheets, and blankets are also must-haves, but don’t forget an alarm clock as well. While your smartphone can do the job adequately, what if you forget to charge it the night before a big interview? Don’t take the chance – buy an actual alarm clock.

Unless you live across the street from a Tim Hortons, your first apartment must have a coffee maker. You can invest in a classic drip model or a fancy espresso machine, but either way you’ll want a fresh cup of coffee after the big move. Even if you’re not really into cooking, it’s important to have the basics including cleaning supplies. Antibacterial dish soap, sponges, cloths, and drying towels are all must-haves. Get one good frying pan and a decent spatula. At the bare minimum, have a couple of plates, bowls, forks, spoons, and a good knife set. You’ll find it easier to keep everything clean if you only have a few objects rather than a full dining hall’s worth of silverware and plateware to let stack up in the sink.

You can probably bring a lot of your hygienic products from home, like shampoo, soap, a toothbrush, and razors. Have at least two good towels and face cloths. Visit a bulk store to stock up on toilet paper because you definitely don’t want to run out. Finally, you probably want to invest in a dependable plunger just in case.

You’re ready to set off into the world by moving into your first apartment, just make sure you have these must-have items to make it a smooth transition.