It may seem crazy, but what you do (and don’t do!) on your first day in your new apartment can set the tone for your entire time in the building. Your actions on day one could mean the difference between a cozy and organized apartment, and that mystery box labelled “miscellaneous” sitting by your front door for nine months. Here’s what you should do on day one in your new apartment to get off on the right foot:

Assemble Furniture

If you had to take apart your bedframe or dismantle a bookshelf for the move, now is the time to get everything back in place. If you don’t do it quickly, you’ll run out of energy and just collapse on a mattress on the floor. There is nothing like sleeping in a freshly made bed on the first night in your new apartment, so make this a priority. Plus, you’ll probably forget which screw goes where or misplace the Allen key if you don’t assemble furniture right away.

Unpack by Priority

You don’t have to unpack everything on night one, but you’ll obviously want basic supplies like your toothbrush, coffee mug, and a fresh pair of clothes for the next day. OK, so you can probably leave your Sociology 101 textbooks in a box on day one, but you should get all of your urgent supplies unpacked right away.

Meet & Greet

You don’t have to go knocking door to door, but if you happen to run into a neighbour or three during the move-in process, stop and introduce yourself. It’s important to have neighbours that have your back, whether it’s watering your plants when you’re out of town or lending you thyme when you decide to make a home-cooked meal for once.

Keep the Noise Down

Speaking of neighbours, be respectful of them and stop the noisy activities after dark. We know you want to get settled, but save the vacuuming for daytime hours. You can still keep knocking items off your to-do list, just make sure they’re quiet tasks that don’t disturb those around you. If you need tunes to keep you inspired as you’re burning the midnight oil, use headphones and you can crank the volume as high as you’d like.

Just like that, you’ve survived day one in your new apartment. With that kind of drive and organization, day 2 and beyond will be a hit!