When looking for an Ottawa apartment, you want to find the best possible location that suits your needs and lifestyle. With many different areas and neighbourhoods in the city there are plenty of options. To help you narrow down your search we have compiled a list of the top five neighbourhoods in Ottawa for 2014:

Hintonburg is one of Ottawa’s oldest and most coveted neighbourhoods. Dating back to the 1850s, it still features some amazing older buildings, but has grown with current times to become extremely relevant and stylish. Its location is perfect for those who want more space, and a more suburban feel, but still want to be close to downtown. With easy access to the 417 and to public transit, the area is perfect for all commuters. Hintonburg also features some truly unique restaurants and shops that you won’t be able to find anywhere else in the city.

New Edinburgh
This beautiful and quiet neighbourhood has been around since the early 1800s and features some of the most prestigious homes in Ottawa, as both the Governor General and the Prime Minister of Canada reside in the area. With stunning parks and the Rideau River close by, this neighbourhood is picturesque and is perfect for people who love the outdoors. With both apartments and houses available for rent in the neighbourhood, it would be the perfect living space for any individual or family.

Centretown is an exquisite and lively neighbourhood in Ottawa that features many residential and commercial buildings. Being an older and more historical area in Ottawa it still features original buildings and homes, but many of them have been converted into apartments to suit current needs. With plenty of shops, museums and events taking place in the neighbourhood there is always something to do.

Westboro is now the hot spot of Ottawa and has plenty of apartments available for rent with lots of character. This is the location for young couples and singles who are seeking a different look compared to the rest of Ottawa. You are sure to find something you will love if you are looking for something unique.

This is the area people seek if they love the look of mature streets and older homes. You will love this established area as it is older, classic and well maintained. There are many choices for great buildings and you will find it comfortable and safe in the Glebe. This is a convenient location if you are newly married or starting a family as it has that young vibe yet offers a safe and convenient location perfect for young couples and families.

These are just five of the great areas to focus your search on when trying to find the perfect home in Ottawa.


The Top 5 Neighbourhoods in Ottawa for 2014