When it comes to keeping your apartment clean and tidy, there are two big strategies. You can either let everything pile up all week and spend hour upon hour doing all the housekeeping chores in one day, or you can do a little bit each day to keep your apartment rental in tip-top shape without getting worn out. (We’re not even going to discuss the third strategy, which is something like “wait…I’m supposed to CLEAN?”) A chore schedule helps keep things on track so your apartment is clean and fresh at all times.


Try to start off your workweek with a pep in your step. Take out the garbage, recycling, and compost (this task can move to a different day depending on garbage day in your area). Take a couple minutes to dust shelves. Finally, do a quick vacuum of the apartment This will take a lot less time if you don’t let the dirt and grime pile up for weeks at a time before you take action!


Sweep the kitchen floor to clear away food particles, dirt, and hair. Disinfect the counters in the bathroom and kitchen. Finally, quickly wipe down the windows throughout the house. This is the kind of task you would never get to in an all-day Saturday clean, but it’s super easy to give windows a quick wipe once a week to prevent a layer of dust and dirt from forming.


Give your apartment another quick vacuum. Make sure you go around places you might have missed on Monday, like on the baseboards, behind the fridge, or under the couch. Rotate your cushions and use the opportunity to stock away any loose couch change in your piggy bank.


Today is bathroom day! If you need motivation to power through, remember that the weekend is getting close. Clean your toilet and sinks. Scrub down the shower, and wash your towels and bath mats. Give your shower curtain a wash every fourth week.


Clear out your fridge of leftovers and expired food. Give wood surfaces a quick polish. Finally, clean up clutter that has gathered around the house. All it takes is a couple minutes, and your apartment rental will be gleaming!

Saturday & Sunday

Relax and enjoy! All it took you was about 20 minutes a day, and you saved yourself an entire weekend of cleaning. Now you can sit back and enjoy your clean apartment. Just be sure to clean up after yourself and keep things clutter-free.