No matter the size of your apartment, it can be hard to keep it clean if you aren’t careful. What starts as one small pile of dirty laundry can spiral into a pig sty if you don’t stay on top of things. Follow this checklist from day one, and you can always enjoy the free and liberating feeling of a tidy apartment in Ottawa:

Daily Cleaning

Some things should be done daily. Even if you don’t want to. Especially if you don’t want to. Daily cleaning is the most important step in maintaining a clean environment that is safe from bugs, mold, and those funky unidentifiable smells.

✓ Clean dishes

✓ Put away dirty clothes in a hamper or basket

✓ Light sweeping of the floors

✓ Light dusting

✓ Separate garbage, compost, and recycling

✓ Make the bed

Weekly Cleaning

Have you ever noticed how hard it is to scrub away at baked-on stains? If you clean early and often, they won’t get the chance to become permanent stains.

✓ Heavy dusting

✓ Change sheets

✓ Do your laundry

✓ Vacuum

✓ Mop the floors

✓ Scrub the bathroom (toilet, tub, and sink)

✓ Clean mirrors

✓ Wipe down oven and fridge

✓ Remove cobwebs

✓ Clear out old/expired food from fridge

Monthly Cleaning

A month can go by awfully fast, especially when it means there’s new cleaning tasks to do. Once you get into a routine, it’s not so bad.

✓ Wipe down cabinets

✓ Scrub bathroom tiles

✓ Wipe down and disinfect doorknobs and light switches

✓ Clean out oven and microwave

✓ Deeper vacuuming (baseboards, behind appliances)

✓ Clean and disinfect garbage, recycle, and compost bins

✓ Clean bath mats

Every Season

Give yourself a fresh new start every season (about every three months) with these next steps.

✓ Air out rooms

✓ Clean out your closet, donate clothing that doesn’t fit or isn’t worn often

✓ Clean pillows, blankets, and mattress cover

✓ Clear stale/expired items from pantry

✓ Wash windows

✓ Wash walls and baseboards

✓ Wash shower curtain

✓ Flip your mattress

✓ Test smoke detector batteries

✓ Sort and purge files, papers, and documents

If you’re the forgetful type, this checklist can help you stay on track. Once you get in the habit of having a clean and comfortable apartment in Ottawa, you’ll never want to go back to your old ways.