When you are living in a rental apartment, you can be green by using a few eco-friendly tips ideal for the apartments Ottawa has to offer.


It is just as easy to recycle in an apartment as it is in a house. You have to look at your kitchen or storage area and determine the best spot for your recycle bins. Your building or landlord will probably have a spot for your recyclables and it might be wise to make frequent trips to the area to help keep your apartment a little less cluttered. Think outside the recycle box and look for spots such as laundry rooms or hall closets that might provide space for your bins. Under the sink or on the kitchen counter is best for your green bin.

Shabby Chic

Another way to stay eco-conscious is to decorate your apartment with green in mind. Look for furniture at used furniture stores or visit garage sales on weekends. You are certain to find a number of furniture pieces you can reinvent with paint or new upholstery. This will help keep large items out of the landfill as well as cut down on harmful manufacturing-related greenhouse gas emissions.

Use Energy Wisely

Being aware of your energy consumption in rental apartments is easy too. Turn lights off when you’re not using them and use your dishwasher or the laundry facilities during down times. Always run full loads of laundry and dishes to avoid wasting water and energy. Install a low flow shower head or ask your landlord to do so.

Green Thumb, Green Home

Plants provide a natural filter to keep your air cleaner. Take advantage of balcony space in the summer and use planters or small trees for a pretty, healthy area to enjoy the fresh air.

Thermostat Smarts

Go easy on the thermostat and maintain reasonable temperatures throughout the year. Don’t crank up the heat or the air conditioning. Instead, use a comfortable setting that does not drain energy. Turn off your thermostat, if possible, when you go to work in the morning and adjust it to a comfortable temperature when you get home.

Use a Water Filter

Instead of buying bottled water, install a water filter on your tap or purchase a water filtering system such as a Brita.

Using these eco-friendly tips will keep Ottawa’s rental apartments green.