The city of Ottawa is a bustling hub of activity in the wintertime, especially for an avid skier. From the Ottawa Valley to the Gatineau Hills, there are a wide host of places that are perfect for both beginners and pros.

Aside from Ottawa being the epicentre of Canada, it is home to a place where you can truly experience the great Canadian winter. The level of snow that the city receives is typically higher than that of the neighbouring cities with “Snow and Stay Days” usually beginning towards the end of November. This means real fresh, fluffy snow – most of the time.

Edelweiss and Mont Cascades

If you’re a downhill skier, you won’t get tired of the hills that are dotted throughout the city and nearby areas. For example, with Edelweiss and Mont Cascades both being within a 40-minute drive from the downtown core, you can enjoy over 600 feet of vertical bliss. These areas are particularly great if you’re looking for a quick ski trip with the family on some of the less intimidating hills.

Mont Tremblant

Conversely, if you are looking for something more extreme and challenging, there is of course Mont Tremblant located nearby with only a 2-hour drive from downtown Ottawa. Located in the neighbouring Laurentians, this is your go-to ski destination for experiencing a true mountain skiing adventure. With runs towering over 2,000 feet high you won’t be disappointed. Aside from the epic hills, Mont Tremblant is also renowned for its charming, quaint little ski village that hosts cafés, restaurants, cozy boutiques, and even lodging where you can ski right outside of your front door. It’s a ski lover’s paradise.

Cross-Country Skiing in Ottawa

Located within the city are numerous trails that wind throughout the area. From rugged mountain trails to groomed paths that stretch and bend throughout the city parks, there is never a shortage of places to take out the cross-country skis. Gatineau Park in particular has a wide range of trails that you can plan out on their annual winter mapping system. It contains rest areas, lookout points, shelters, first-aid stations and even colour-coded trails to keep you on the right track.

These are just a few of the examples that the Ottawa area has to offer for skiing enthusiasts of every kind. Whether you are looking to stay closer to home and ease into the world of skiing, or are searching for a grand adventure on the slopes with the family – the Ottawa area is the place to ski.

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