When you are searching for Ottawa apartments you want to make your search is as easy as possible. Narrow down your choices and then use all of the facilities at your disposal to help find the apartments that meet your criteria.

Location, Location, Location

Whether you are renting or buying location plays a huge role in where you look for Ottawa apartments. List the areas that are most appealing to you. You want to consider travel time, available transportation, amenities, safety and overall look and feel of each neighbourhood.


The number of bedrooms and bathrooms should be considered, but not in general terms. Yes, you might have two kids so therefore need three bedrooms, but what about other needs? Do you often have overnight guests such as grandparents? Do you work from home often and could maybe use a quiet place to work? Do you have a hobby that takes up a lot of space? Consider all of your needs and then decide if you could use a little extra space or more than a bathroom or two.


You have to prepare a serious budget before you decide what you can afford. Factor in Ottawa apartments that include utilities and those that may not and come in with an overall monthly amount you can realistically afford for apartment and utilities without stretching the budget. You can come up with a range, but try to make the high end as low as possible so you don’t over extend yourself.

Apartment Type

There are many apartment types to consider:

  • – Townhouses
  • – Detached homes
  • – High rise apartments
  • – Low rise apartments
  • – Basement apartments
  • – Private condo rentals

Cross anything off your list that will not work for you after taking everything into consideration including:

  • – Need for elevators if you are not as mobile
  • – Need for parking
  • – Need for laundry facilities

Date of Availability

You may need to move ASAP or have a month or two to look. This plays a huge role in the Ottawa apartments you should be viewing. You don’t want to waste your time looking at apartments that will not accommodate your moving date unless you are completely flexible.

Once you have a short list use a good property management website that allows you to punch in your preferences and supplies you with a list of Ottawa apartments that match your needs. It will make your search much easier.