Are you ready to start fresh? A juice cleanse is the healthy, natural way to detox your body and stay nourished with plenty of nutrients. We had the chance to sit down and chat with Naomi Simon, owner of Renew Cold Press. Read on to find out what Naomi had to say about how juicing has taken Ottawa by storm, discover her favourite “super” ingredient, and much more:

How do you explain the passion for juicing in Ottawa?

The passion for juicing in Ottawa is slowly starting to build momentum and it’s so great to be a part of building this juice culture! Not only is the juice scene gaining more awareness with a few juice shops now open, but there are so many new yoga spaces/barre classes/spin studios popping up and offering different workout routines to people in Ottawa – we love being active and healthy in this city, so starting Renew seemed like the perfect fit to complement that lifestyle and help people thrive in their everyday lives!

How does a cleanse work? What are the benefits?

When you treat your body to a juice cleanse, you are flooding your body with essential plant-based nutrients and enzymes that are easily absorbed, releasing toxins and giving your digestive system a break from solid foods that allows your body to rest and essentially – renew. All of our handcrafted cleanses are designed to support our customers during this detoxification process – they include five juices a day and one nut milk to help them thrive on their cleanse journey.

There are so many reasons to try a juice cleanse! Benefitting from an increased level of energy, elevated mood, mental clarity, renewed vitality, harmony of body and mind, and an overall sense of balance and well-being. So drink up and stay nourished!

What is the cold press process? What are its advantages?

At Renew, health is important to us. That’s why we cold press. Our goal is to offer the highest quality juice using the best process available. In contrast to most high-speed centrifugal juicers, the cold pressed method uses a hydraulic press (pressed) to slowly extract pure life force energy without producing heat (cold) or oxidizing/destroying the nutritional value of our raw ingredients. This is the most efficient way of delivering the maximum amount of live enzymes, vitamins, and micronutrients directly into your blood stream for instant nourishment!

Why should people in Ottawa incorporate juices/cleanses into their spring/summer routine?

Spring represents a season of transition and an opportunity for renewal and growth. Transitioning out of a restful winter and into a more energetic season – our bodies are naturally inclined to hit that reset button. Cleansing with the seasons helps to eliminate any toxins or imbalances that have accumulated and allows our bodies to align with the natural rhythm of the seasons. Incorporating a juice cleanse into our spring routine is an easy way for us to feel lighter/brighter/stronger and more renewed!

Have you found juicing – and juice cleanses – are more popular with certain demographics?

Not really – at least so far! We nourish everyone from young athletes to government workers/executives to stay at home moms! We have noticed that certain juices are more popular with certain age groups but in general Renew speaks to anyone that is looking to incorporate a healthy habit into their everyday lives. We believe in balance and inspiring healthier lifestyle choices so we provide options that cater to everyone  – whether you are looking to simply incorporate one green juice into your daily routine or jump into a juice cleanse!

Do the benefits of juicing vary according to different age groups?

Different age groups will look to nourish their bodies in different ways but the benefits of juicing vary mostly between our juice ingredients and how they are consumed. We offer citrus/greens/roots and nut milk options that all nourish a different part of our bodies & digestive system in a specific way. So we always recommend that you want to listen to what your body needs (regardless of age) and then reach for the juice that speaks to you.

What is the most popular blend?

We are so grateful to continuously receive such positive feedback on all our Renew juices – but I think our most popular blend is PURA VIDA! A combination of pineapple/pear/cucumber/mint/lime/cayenne. Full of anti-inflammatory properties – this juice is metabolism boosting and restores the body.

What is your personal favourite juice blend?

I’ve discovered that my juice cravings vary depending on what my body is telling me it needs! “Wake Up” is such a great digestive aid first thing in the morning and “Meadow” is definitely my everyday favorite – a cleansing green that alkalizes and cools the body.

What’s your favourite “super” ingredient, and what makes it so health powerful?

I’m a big fan of superfoods and love incorporating them into my morning smoothies/juices and meals whenever possible! From coconut oil to turmeric to maca powder there are a lot of fun and easy ways to add these powerful superfoods into your diet. But I think my favourite one has always been chia seeds! Chia seeds are so full of fiber/healthy omega 3s and a good source of protein – they also contain disease-fighting antioxidants. You can add them to your water/morning smoothie/salads/homemade bars – my favorite is creating an overnight almond milk chia seed pudding with cinnamon & fresh berries!

Do you offer seasonal juice blends? If so, any new ones on tap?

Yes! We have three summer juices that we will be launching throughout the month of June and sampling at the Glowfair festival on June 17. Our “Endless Summer” juice is a watermelon/basil blend (that pairs really well with tequila!) and our “New Moon” is an activated charcoal raspberry lemonade with coconut water – so yummy! Our third blend is still in the works – but look out for a blue juice coming soon.

Do you have any new stockists in the works?

A big part of renew is community – so we are always looking to collaborate with other local small businesses – whether it be building a new relationship with a stockist or brainstorming out of the box projects to support other entrepreneurs in the city. In terms of new stockists – we have a few on our list but our main focus this summer will be to continue working with our current vendors and organizing local pop-ups around town!

When did you begin offering delivery? Why do you think this is an important option for customers?

Juicing is definitely a labour of love and a slow process on which we thrive – from sourcing and prepping the highest quality organic ingredients to pressing and packaging our handcrafted blends into our Renew glass bottles. Our goal in building this juice dream is and has always been to make the benefits of cold press juice easily available and accessible to everyone – so our home and office deliveries have really been at the core of Renew since the beginning and will continue to be a commitment of ours as we grow.

Why was it important to deliver to local offices, not just homes?

A big part of our day is spent working in a fast paced/stressful environment where we don’t always have the options or time available to source healthy food/drink options. Our goal in offering weekly corporate juice delivery is to allow employers to provide the opportunity of supporting their employees’ immunity and helping them thrive in their work environment!

This summer, take care of your body, stay nourished, and elevate your whole being with juicing!