As summer arrives, you may want to remove the signs of winter in your space and welcome the long, warm days ahead. Here are some tips to prepare your Ottawa apartment for summer:

Lighten Up
As summer approaches, this is the perfect time to go through your Ottawa apartment and lighten up. Put away your heavy linens and replace them with lightweight sheets and bedspreads. Fold up any throw blankets and make a shift in your closet so that all of your summer wear is front and center and your boots are replaced with flip flops and sandals. Consider using storage bags that will shrink everything down to make the most of closet space.

Brighten Up
Give your home a light and airy feel by buying or making slip covers for your throw pillows. You can easily make pillow covers in a bright fabric that will bring summer into your Ottawa apartment. Use fabric glue or tape and fold the fabric over your pillows leaving an opening like an envelope. You can seal the sides with fabric glue or tape using an iron to melt them. This works especially well if you do not have a balcony or terrace as it gives your home the feel of an outdoor space. Look for colours such as yellow, red, turquoise, lime green and white. You can even use bright coloured towels, switch up your shower curtain and add a bright coloured duvet to your bedroom.

Clean Up
Buy some window cleaner and wash all of your windows. If you can, do both inside and out. You will be amazed at how much more sunlight will stream into your Ottawa apartment.

Beautify your Balcony
If your Ottawa apartment has a balcony or walk out take full advantage of your outdoor space. Invest in some planters filled with pretty flowers and create an outdoor oasis. Buy a few chairs and some small tables and consider hanging some outdoor curtains for some privacy if your landlord will allow it.

You can also add an outdoor area rug and buy some nice acrylic glasses at the dollar store for entertaining. If you don’t have an outdoor space, buy some planters for inside your home and consider adding some hanging baskets by your windows.

These simple tips will bring a sense of summer fun into your home so that you can get the most out of this short season.