Moving in with your significant other is an exciting and important step in your relationship. As exciting as the prospect may be, it is critical to discuss things beforehand and not let the cloud of love obscure potential problems. Make sure you discuss the following topics before moving into an Ottawa apartment together:

Are the Reasons Right?
It is important to make sure that you want to move in together for the right reasons, not because of external pressures or a need to fit a pre-determined timeline. Do you feel pressure from your parents to advance the relationship? Are you feeling anxious because all of your friends are taking the next step? Is your relationship rocky and you feel that moving in will help you to grow closer? These are bad reasons to move in together. However, if you are both happy, comfortable, and confident that the decision suits you both, and you will enjoy living together, then go for it.

Stay or Go?
Once you’ve decided to move in together, it is important to choose which Ottawa apartment to call home. Factors to consider include size, location, and price. Perhaps your partner has a cheap and large apartment, but yours is closer to work. You will both have to weigh the pros and cons and choose where to start your new life together. Ultimately, you may decide it is best to start from scratch and find a new apartment together which you can equally call your own.

The Money Talk
There is no doubt that financial discussions must happen before you and your significant other can move in together. How will expenses be split? Not just rent, but hydro, water, groceries, bathroom and kitchen supplies? If one of you has a far larger income, is a 50% split fair? What happens if unforeseen costs arise? Everything should be sorted out beforehand. Do not let money issues fracture your relationship down the road simply because you were too shy or naive to talk about it initially.

Hash Out a Chore Arrangement
You and your significant other should also discuss chore arrangements before you move in together. You may absolutely hate cleaning the bathroom, but don’t mind doing the dishes or vacuuming. Find a chore arrangement that keeps both of you satisfied. Be honest about your habits and commitment to apartment cleanliness and find a balance that works for both of you.

Moving in with your significant other should be a very special time in your life. As long as you make sure to discuss these topics, you can ensure your new life together in an Ottawa apartment is a happy one.