Everyone (and we mean EVERYONE) has a “junk drawer” in their Ottawa apartment rental. As the name implies, almost every junk drawer is messy, out of control, and filled with an accumulation of junk – but does it have to be that way? We’re going to show you how to turn your junk drawer into your “go-to” drawer with a little bit of organizing magic.

Get your hands on an organizational tray

How can you rein in the chaos of your junk drawer without having to spend a weekend organizing or having to bust open your piggy bank? Go shopping and purchase an organization tray. These can be found in the office supply aisle, or you can buy a similar version from the kitchen section.

There are organizational trays available at almost every price point imaginable. They come in a variety of sizes, but make sure you take measurements of your drawer first as you don’t want to buy a tray that is too wide or too long. Traditionally these trays are made of plastic, but you can get nice ones made of metal or wood for just few extra dollars. This is the first step in helping you get a grip on the contents of the drawer so that you can get started with organizing.

Fall in love with Velcro and rubber bands

Velcro, rubber bands, and paperclips are all going to be your best friends when it comes to better organizing your junk drawer.

Velcro strips can be added to pretty much any space whatsoever (especially with a little bit of gorilla glue on the back), and they give you the chance to keep things exactly where you’ve placed them in your junk drawer without any rattling around.

Rubber bands help you contain messy items all together, as do paperclips. For advanced organization, consider purchasing elastics and paperclips that come in a range of colours for even more detailed sorting.

Label everything

If you have a small junk drawer, it probably won’t be too difficult to keep a handle on things once you establish some basic organizational ground rules. However, if your junk drawer is actually a junk pantry or junk closet, a bit of labelling can save you a bunch of trouble.

There’s nothing worse than having to dig through your junk drawer to find something, having to open every box and investigate every nook and cranny because there are no labels. You can buy an entry-level label maker for under $30, and you’ll never want to go back to a pre-label world.

Take advantage of all the tips and tricks we outlined for you above and you won’t have any trouble whatsoever gaining control over your junk drawer faster than you ever would have thought possible. Say goodbye to junk and hello to drawer delight!