With high apartment costs in the downtown Ottawa core, bachelor apartments are a great economical way to save money while having close access to the best entertainment and dining options that Ottawa has to offer. Though reduced size is the obvious trade-off, there are many things that you can do to maximize the efficiency of the space and make your bachelor apartment charming and cozy.

Furniture with Storage
Bachelor apartments feel larger and more airy when they aren’t cluttered. The key to reducing clutter is to have a large number of storage options. Invest in obvious and efficient storage options like closet organizers and bookcases. Every inch of space is valuable so make use of it. Consider options like a loft bed with a desk and storage space beneath or a captain’s bed with stylish drawers underneath. When shopping for furniture, look for items with convenient storage and multiple uses like an ottoman with storage that can double as a coffee table.

Make Use of Walls
Walls are your secret weapon in maximizing the space in your bachelor apartment and for an obvious reason – they don’t take up floor space. This is especially true in small bachelor apartment bathrooms. Simple shelving or a shower hanging rack can be lifesavers if you have a pedestal sink and cramped quarters, especially for items that are important but rarely used. Additional storage on floating shelves above standing height can be a big help.

Colours & Decor
Light decor works best in bachelor apartments because it makes them feel brighter and more open than the square footage would suggest. Use light colours on everything from wall decorations to your bedspread. You can still be stylish and creative, of course, but remember the motto of “light and bright.” Mirrors can also go a long way in making the space feel bigger, and they brighten up the apartment by reflecting light.

Space Separators
Even though a bachelor apartment is basically one big room, it is important to differentiate each function to get you in the right mind set, whether it’s working in the “office,” relaxing in the “living room” or sleeping in the “bedroom” – even if they’re all the same place. Dividers and curtains can help provide a more physical manifestation of the mental divisions. You can use a television stand or bookcase as a divider between living room and bedroom, hang curtains around the bed to create a sanctuary or buy a stylish folding screen that can physical separate any space and fold away easily when you choose.

By being conscious of your surroundings and choosing furniture and decor which best suit your space limitations, you can easily make your bachelor apartment a cozy and inviting retreat.