Many people associate basement apartment living with negative thoughts, however, there are many basement apartments in Ottawa that offer bright, spacious and affordable options. Here are some of the many benefits to living in a basement apartment:

Types of Basement Apartments
There are two types of basement apartments. The first type is the basement of an apartment building and the second type is a basement apartment within a house. Both options have their positives and negatives, but they usually offer the same type of living. They normally have above ground windows which allow natural light into the apartment and have fairly up-to-date living spaces.

The best aspect of living in a basement apartment in Ottawa is the cost. Rent for basement units tend to be quite a bit lower than what you would pay for standard units. This is even more true for the bottom level of a house that has been renovated into apartment units. They are also cheaper to heat as they tend to be smaller in size.

There are quite a few bonuses to living in basement apartments. First of all, they tend to be nice and cool in the summer months which saves you money by not having to crank up the air conditioning.

Basement apartments also tend to be more private as they rarely have front facing windows onto the street. Since the windows are lower, it is harder for people to see you from their homes or apartments across the way. The majority of buildings include laundry rooms in the basement which saves you from having to lug your laundry down to the laundry room or to a laundromat outside of the building. Last but not least, you can often find units that are completely renovated by families wanting to offset their mortgage payments.

Because most basement apartments that Ottawa has to offer are located in houses, you will find that you are living in a neighbourhood that has a sense of community. Larger apartment buildings can feel a little crowded and unfriendly. Tree lined streets have more families which means the areas tend to be quieter.

Basement living is an affordable option that is ideal if you are looking for a smaller space with a lot of great benefits.