Before you sign a lease, there are several questions you should be asking your landlord. Many renters tend to forget to ask some important questions that could make or break the rental opportunity. Here are six important questions you should ask you Ottawa landlord before signing a lease:

Is it Okay If I Paint?
Many tenants assume that they can paint their apartment and are forced to pay out money to have the walls repainted before they move out. Don’t only ask if you can paint, but also ask if there are any colour restrictions. Many landlords might not be as keen on that lime green as you are. Most of the time Ottawa landlords will be quite reasonable and will allow you to paint neutral or soft colours.

Is It Okay to Have Pets?
Most landlords are pretty clear about this rule. However, pets can cause damage that can be quite expensive so be certain you understand what their policy is not only on pets, but on damages caused by your pets. You might want to take some pictures when you move in so that you are not left having to foot the bill to cover pre-existing damages to floors and carpets.

Can I Have Overnight Guests?
This is an important question, especially if your landlord covers hydro and water. Some are quite strict about overnight guests and can be unhappy, especially if you have a partner who might as well be living with you. This can bump up consumption considerably. There is also more wear and tear and possible behaviour and habits of your guests that the landlord will find undesirable. They checked you out before you moved in, but know nothing about your “guest”.

What Are The House Rules?
No loud music, no barbecuing on the balcony and no non-residents in the pool are some examples of rules that could affect you. Avoid renting where the house rules will not suit you or your lifestyle.

How’s the Parking?
Many buildings come with parking, others charge more for parking and others will ticket overnight guests in their lot. Make sure you are clear on parking arrangements, not only for you, but also for guests.

How Do I Report Repairs?
Find out the policy to have repairs made and make sure it is in writing.
These questions will help ensure you are moving into an apartment that will suit your lifestyle.