Although for the most part apartment living is relatively maintenance free there are a few preparations you can make so your apartment is as comfortable as possible.


The heating in apartments can be very dry and in the winter when the temperature is cranked up you may find your apartment could use a little humidity. Dry air can lead to sore throats and uncomfortable sinuses. Buying a humidifier you can keep in your bedroom or living area will help keep much needed moisture in the air for a more comfortable living environment.

Drafty Windows

Some apartments have older windows that can get drafty in the winter. There are a few quick fixes you can consider. First, you can look for insulated curtains which will keep the warmth in especially at night when you have them closed. Second, you can buy a window sealing kit that applies a sheet of insulating plastic to the window with a hair dryer. This will do wonders to keep your apartment warmer on those long, cold nights.

Foyer Mat

It might not be top of mind but keeping a mat in your foyer will help keep your apartment floors neat and dry. Your boots can track in all kinds of mud, slush and even traces of salt that can make a real mess. A foyer mat will provide a spot to wipe your boots off and also to set them down so you won’t wind up with puddles when the snow melts. You don’t want to cause more wear and tear to your apartment than is necessary and get handed a carpet cleaning bill when it comes time to move.

Door Jamb Insulation

If you feel a draft coming from under your door you can find an affordable weather stripping to add to the bottom. If you aren’t handy and have a good management company or superintendent for your building ask them if they can install one for you as it will help reduce their monthly utility bills as well.


Even if you have maintenance at your building, if you park outside keep a shovel either in your car or apartment in case you have to dig out after a snow storm.

Following these few simple tips will keep you warm and relatively maintenance free for the winter ahead.