There’s no shame in cringing when it’s time to tackle the laundry. It isn’t exactly the most exciting chore to take on. But when that clothing hamper ends up gobbling up just about all of your clean clothes and there’s no option but to take on the task, there are some simple ways to ease those laundry woes.  If you’re desperate for some ways to dull your anti-laundry attitude, check out these tips that can help you transform into the ultimate laundry superstar in your Ottawa apartment (or at least help you despise it much less!).

Tackle Stains ASAP

When that lasagna or red wine seems to want to latch onto your shirt (yet again), it’s no good just tossing it off to be dealt with later. Sure, bleach may be a great stain-removing agent, but if you tackle that stain immediately you can avoid the aggravating task of scrubbing and ending up with yet another ruined shirt in the end. Try to act immediately once a stain occurs. Carrying a Tide Stain Pen in your bag can be handy if stains happen more often than not.

Use a Hamper to Sort

If sifting through that mountainous pile is what you dread most, then why not make your life a whole lot easier by purchasing a hamper that can keep your whites and darks separate? Whether you use separate hampers or one with sections for each, by eliminating as much hassle as you can right from the get-go, you can make it much less painful in the end.

Learn the Laundry Language

Still not sure exactly how to wash what? If you’re still dumping all of your items in the machine and wondering why they come out…different, it’s time to learn the laundry language. Those little tags and symbols on your clothing tell you what should and shouldn’t be done to clean certain items. Spend a few minutes getting to know what they mean.

Sort and Fold During Your Favourite Show

Throwing your clothes into the machines isn’t usually the most painful part – it’s the sorting and folding afterwards. But by planning your laundry time a little in advance, you can have those socks and other items ready to be sorted and folded while you sit back and watch your favourite show. It’s the perfect way to distract yourself while being productive.

If you’re keen on becoming a laundry superstar and easing the pain you currently associate with the task, try these simple tips to make it as easy and pain-free as possible.