Are you moving into your first apartment rental or in the process of searching for your very first roommate? Sharing a living space can be both an exciting and daunting venture. There’s always a vision of finding a roommate that will be the perfect compliment to your lifestyle. But unfortunately, that’s not always way things turn out. If you’re in the process of looking for a shared apartment rental, our Ottawa property management pros have put together a few tips for how you can be a great roommate, and find the right person who will be a great roommate for you.

Compare Daily Habits

Everyone you initially meet generally has their best face on. They seem friendly and perfect in those first encounters. But in order to find someone you can live with and get along with, it’s important to get to know their daily habits and routines in order to determine if they will jive with your own. You’re not looking for a perfect match here, just someone that won’t cause conflict on either side of the coin.

Paying Rent

One of the most important factors when jumping into the roommate lifestyle is ensuring that you both have consistent and sustainable forms of income – whatever it may be. A great roommate is one that will always pay their bills on time.

Night Owl or Early Bird

When you discuss both of your daily routines, having schedules that somewhat match can be beneficial. If you’re a “night owl” and you end up rooming with an “early bird,” that could cause some major conflicts down the road. No one likes their beauty sleep to be interrupted, so always discuss your preferred snoozing times to make things run as smoothly as possible.

Sharing Chores

Ottawa property management experts say this is often the biggest point of contention for people sharing an apartment. Being a good roommate requires you to share the responsibility of keeping your shared living space clean. It’s not fair to leave your dishes lying around and expect someone else to clean them. Always be respectful and responsible for sharing household chores.

Smoking and Recreational Activities

Do you prefer living in a space that is the party central? Or do you prefer to have peace and quiet in an alcohol and smoke-free environment? For many, moving out for the first time is an adventure, and that entails freedom, parties, excessive drinking and letting loose. Get to know what sort of vices and bad habits each of you have to determine how to create and environment that respects everyone.