If you have decided to invite family and friends to your Ottawa rental unit to celebrate the holidays, you will want everything to be perfect. Here are some great ideas to help you celebrate in style.


If you are in close quarters in your rental unit, a full size Christmas tree might take up much needed space. There are many wonderful artificial table top trees available and you can look for the one that suits your taste and budget. They are also low maintenance as they do not shed needles like living trees and some apartment buildings do not allow live trees regardless for maintenance and safety reasons.

Many trees also come prelit making it even easier to put up. You can also consider adding some fresh cedar on window sills, over framed artwork or on shelves or mantles. It smells wonderful and does not shed like pine. For a party, use strands of lights wherever you can. Candles are always popular at holiday parties, but it might be better to consider using battery-operated tea lights as they are not dangerous if they get knocked over.


Music is a must at holiday parties. Use your iPod or computer to download as much holiday music that you can find and do not worry about doubling up on songs if they are being performed by different artists. Everyone has their own favourite version and it will help you please all of your guests. Throw in a few non-holiday songs for variety.


Pot lucks are very popular at Christmas as everyone has a dish that they look forward to preparing at this time of year. Potlucks work well for rental units that have smaller kitchens or ovens. However, make sure that you have a microwave in case a guest brings a dish that needs to be heated up.

Focusing on finger foods is also a good idea as it keeps people eating while they enjoy drinks. You can also prepare food in small batches which is ideal. There are hundreds of frozen appetizers that are both delicious and easy to prepare.

Most importantly of all, keep a close eye on how much your guests drink to ensure everyone has a fun, but safe time.