Moving into a new apartment can be very exciting, but for your pet, it will usually be stressful and scary.  Pets don’t usually take well to changing environments and routines. Since every pet is different in how they will adjust, it will be up to you to ensure that they feel both comfortable and safe in their new home. Here are some great ways you can help your pet adjust to your new apartment as quickly as possible.

Check the Surroundings

First, make sure that the space is pet-friendly before you move your pet in. Check for crawl spaces, holes, and anything that should be dealt with ahead of their arrival. Also, be sure to talk to your landlord about addressing any potential concerns before your move-in date.

Bring All Their Toys

You may feel like it’s an appropriate time to start fresh by buying new appliances, furniture, and items for the apartment, but your pet will feel differently when it comes to their items. Any blankets, toys, and beds that they’re familiar with and that contain their scent will help make them feel safe. Reconsider before replacing their old belongings with new ones. Instead, bring all their old possessions along to your new apartment. This way, they will have some familiarity in an otherwise new surrounding.

Don’t Push

Most pets will run into a corner or closet when entering a new home. The new scents and environment may cause them stress and concern, which often makes them hide in the safest spot they can find. If this is the case, don’t push your pet until they are ready to explore. Once they start to appear more daring, pick them up and walk them around the apartment. When you let them down, allow them to smell, touch and discover at their own pace.

Take Preventative Measures

If frazzled, your pet may try to escape or run away.  Make sure you take precautions when opening windows without screens, and when letting them go outside onto the balcony. Make sure to keep your pet on a leash until you are certain that they won’t book it at the first opportunity. Your pet may also try to claw at the walls, furniture, and windows when they are in distress, so make sure to safeguard the apartment, especially when renting.

Be Patient

It could take weeks before your pet becomes comfortable in your new apartment.  They probably won’t act like their usual selves – jittery, loss of appetite, change of habit, and increased accidents are common. Be patient and make sure to spend lots of time with your pet, playing in the new space and giving them the attention they need to feel safe.

Moving into a new apartment can be a positive change, but your pets won’t always welcome it.  Help your pet adjust to your new apartment by easing them into the new environment and letting them sniff around and get familiar at their own pace.