Decorating for Halloween but not quite sure how to create that perfect spooky vibe in your apartment? There are tons of simple ways to transform your apartment space with simple, inexpensive decorations and ideas. Check out these Halloween apartment tips to help crank up the spookiness for your party this year.


Halloween is not quite Halloween without cobwebs. Decorating all your doorways with cobwebs and little spiders is one of the best ways to add that creepy vibe to your space. Just remember to avoid placing cobwebs in areas where it will be difficult to remove it after the Halloween season.

Fake Blood

If you’re looking for a frightening effect, you can add fake blood on some of the mirrors in your apartment. Splatter it on, make a few handprints, and get messy. Don’t worry about the clean up since it’s easy to remove from the glass with a little soap and water. Just be sure to avoid getting the liquid on your floors, ceramic surfaces, or your furniture – it can leave stains.

Fog Machine And Black Lights

If cobwebs and fake blood aren’t enough, adding in a fog machine and some black lighting will set the mood. You can purchase either of these at your local Halloween party store and set them up in the main area of your apartment.

Battery Operated Candles

If there are restrictions that prevent you from using candles in your apartment, or you just feel like they’re unsafe to place around your home during a party, then try using battery operated candles instead. You still get the classic effect but without all the safety concerns.

Don’t Forget The Bathroom

There are lots of cool Halloween decorations you can also place around the bathroom so don’t forget about this area! Mirror decals, plastic axes, and severed limbs can be hung on doorknobs and placed around the tub and shower to “liven” it up.

Spooky Table Clothes & Candy

You can pick up a crafty Halloween themed tablecloth at many decor stores. It’s an excellent way to add some colour while dressing your food table. And what would Halloween be without some candy? Don’t forget to add some sweet treats for your guests to munch on. You can place them in cauldrons and get creative with your presentation.

It’s almost that glorious time of year again where we get to dress up and reminisce about our trick-or-treating days. If you’re searching for some great Halloween apartment tips, don’t forget some of these essential decorating items that will set the perfect spooky tone in your home that your friends will love.