Your apartment can be turned into a holiday hot spot with these helpful tips to get ready for the season of entertaining:

Clean and Prep
Go through your apartment and do a thorough cleaning. Look for items that you can put away such as books, CDs and knickknacks to make room for holiday decor. Keep the foyer clear and make room for extra coats. Be sure to add a plastic mat at your front door for wet boots. If you have a spare bedroom, make sure it is clear of clutter and ready for unexpected overnight guests. Clear an area that will be the perfect spot for your tree, even if it just a tabletop.

Dining Area
Ottawa rental companies provide many different apartment options and not all of them come with a dining area. If your apartment doesn’t have a designated dining room, look at your living room area and decide how you can accommodate guests for dinner. Consider getting a fold up table and chair set that you can place in front of your sofa. Some holiday table linens will spruce it up and make it a pretty spot to dine for your holiday meal. If you do have a dining room, assess your chairs and make sure they are in good condition. Again, folding chairs can be used to accommodate all of your guests if you do not have enough.

Guest Room
If you have a spare bedroom, make sure the room is set up to welcome overnight guests. Add some warm and cozy bed linens and some soft, comfortable pillows. Set up a desk area where people can recharge their phones or set up their trusty tablet. Add some nice soaps and towels to the room along with some essential toiletries for guests so they feel welcome. If you have a pull out couch, have it set up so your guest does not have to struggle with it at bedtime.

Make sure your oven is working and give it a good clean. Do the same for your fridge. You want to avoid having a last minute breakdown when you are expected to do all of the cooking. Consider having a cooler filled with ice for your wine and drinks if you have a smaller, apartment size fridge. This will leave room in your fridge for the turkey and all of the side dishes.

You will be ready to welcome guests into your home with these easy holiday prep tips.