This year, on April 22nd, get involved in Earth Day by creating some changes in your everyday living. If you’ve been searching for simple ways that you can make a difference to the environment without impacting your time, then here a few great ways to get started in the comfort of your Ottawa apartment.

Reduce, Re-use and Recycle

We’ve all heard it before, but it seems these important keywords drift into the back of our minds each time we go shopping. With more and more disposable and one-time use products entering the market, it’s important to keep these factors in mind. Avoid using or purchasing one-time use items such as those ever-popular coffee pods. Support eco-friendly products and businesses, and always recycle where possible.

Compost Your Food Scraps

In Ottawa, we have a green bin system for composting food scraps. Simply setting up a container where you can empty food scraps after each meal can have a significant impact on reducing the amount of unnecessary trash that enters our landfills. It’s a simple but very effective way to help your environment.

Use Eco-Friendly Household Products

There are a ton of eco-friendly and sustainable products available on the market that allow you to eliminate the use of toxic cleaners and products that can affect your health and especially the health of your child or pet. Go to your local eco-based store and look for all-natural products such as Seventh Generation that don’t use chemicals. Better yet, make your own. Do a quick search online to see how easy it is.

Reduce Your Water Usage

If you have a tendency to take frequent, long showers, consider opting for a bath once or twice a week to reduce your water usage. If baths aren’t your thing, you can now purchase a showerhead that emits a light in various colours to track your time in the shower. If this is one of your bad habits, this can be a great way to help you monitor just how long you take.

Party Swap or Donate

If you’re looking to do some de-junking this spring, instead of tossing out a bunch of items, create a party swap with your neighbours, post the items online, or donate them. If you live in an apartment building, create a quick flier that lists the items you’re getting rid of, and post it in your laundry room or elevator. Remember, one person’s junk can be another person’s treasure.

This year for Earth Day, follow these simple tips to help transform those bad habits into long-lasting good ones.