Usually located in the hippest and trendiest areas of Ottawa, rental condos will submerge you in the culture, nightlife and rhythm of the city. You can reflect that vibe in the way you furnish your condo using these simple decor tips.

Know What You Need

You want to avoid the frat boy look and make a list of everything you need to create a welcoming, attractive living space. Your list should consist of the following furnishings:

  • – Couch
  • – Chair
  • – Coffee Table
  • – Side tables
  • – Console or entertainment unit
  • – Dining area
  • – Bed
  • – Bedside tables
  • – Dresser


These are the basics and  you should focus on the common areas where you will be entertaining the most, such as the living room or dining room. You can improve the look of your bedroom gradually as your budget allows. You can also add furniture to your living room over time if you are faced with budget challenges.


Find Your Style

Search the internet or flip through some home decor magazines to look for design ideas that speak to you. This will help you when you are out looking for furniture. Photos of rooms you like will provide both colour and style ideas to inspire you and get your creative juices flowing.


Double Duty

Rental condos tend to be smaller, but don’t be discouraged. Furniture designers are aware of the need for not only smaller configurations of furniture, but also for furniture that can be multipurpose.

There are couches that work as beds, coffee tables that adjust to dining room height and even fold-able chairs that can be hung in the hallways and taken down when guests arrive for dinner or drinks.

Think of everything from needing a home office to entertaining and how you will live in the space. Look for furniture that will accommodate your needs.


Measure Wisely

Many people will measure the wall on which the couch will rest, but forget to measure the elevator, stairs or doorways they have to bring the couch through. This is very important when living in rental condos as you don’t want to fall in love with a couch only to discover that it won’t fit into the elevator.

Measure the areas you will have to travel to get each furniture piece into your space and the space in which the furnishings will be placed.

These tips will help you create a trendy, comfortable space in Ottawa’s condo rentals.