Ottawa is a beautiful city with international appeal and small town charm. If you are seeking apartments for rent in Ottawa there are a few things you can do to be certain you find the apartment that best suits your needs.

Keep in mind that many apartments are not necessarily listed for a number of reasons. Some apartments don’t want to pay for listings and depend on a posting on their property. Others have waiting lists, while others choose to list on specific sites you may not have considered such as Property Management Companies. That means you need to know where to look.

Research Neighbourhoods

If you are new to Ottawa and starting a new job use contacts at your new office to see if they know any good neighbourhoods and more importantly any neighbourhoods to avoid. Chances are they have lived in Ottawa for a while and can steer you towards desirable areas that will better suit your lifestyle. Do a little research online to scope out happening spots as well as areas that are close to work.

Ask Friends and Family

If you already know Ottawa then you should have a network of friends, family and co-workers. Speak to them and let them know you are looking for apartments for rent in Ottawa. Nothing speeds things up more than having others help in your search.

Search Online

Check online for apartments for rent ads but keep a few things in mind:

  • Sometimes online resources can be dicey
  • Visit reputable real estate sites and avoid generic sites that provide ads for everything you can imagine
  • Neighbourhood and community postings sometimes work well

Speak to Property Management Companies

Contact property management companies and ask if they know of any vacancies in any of their locations. Most will be happy to help as it helps them fill empty apartments. Many property management companies also provide online searches for all of their properties.

Reputable companies such as Sleepwell Property Management provide excellent searches that allow you to search by rental fees and neighbourhood. You simply check off the neighbourhood, the type of building, the number of rooms, a rental rate, the month you are moving and hit search. Voila instant listings.

Finding apartments for rent in Ottawa doesn’t have to be hard. Just remember being thorough will take a bit more time and effort before you find the right one.