If you want to have a successful roommate situation in your Ottawa apartment rental, it all start with asking the right questions and laying your cards on the table before you sign on the dotted line. Keep these factors in mind, and you’ll be much more likely to find a compatible roommate:

How well do you know each other?
Depending your personalities, you may be better off living with an acquaintance or stranger than a dear friend. Living together can cause different stresses on friendship than regular interaction, and you may not want to put the relationship at risk. If you get along with family members like siblings or cousins, they may be a good option, but the same risk applies. If a rocky roommate situation could harm the relationship, don’t move in together.

What are your sleep patterns?
If you are a night owl and your potential roommate is a light sleeper who needs to rise at 5:30 am, you may not be compatible. You don’t need to have an identical schedule to your roommate – in fact, having opposite schedules where one works while the other sleeps can actually be an ideal arrangement. But if your sleep patterns seem incongruous, then you might be better off choosing a different roommate.

What are your lifestyle choices?
Your potential roommate doesn’t need to mirror your behaviour, but you both need to be comfortable with the other’s lifestyle choices. Could you live with a smoker? What if your potential roommate likes quiet nights in, but you want to have friends over every weekend? Your potential roommate should either have similar habits to yours or be comfortable with your lifestyle (and vice versa, of course).

What was your first impression?
If you are just meeting your potential roommate for the first time, did you get a good first impression? If they arrived late or you generally didn’t get the right vibe, then they probably aren’t the right choice. If you know them already, think of their past actions. Do they always hand in homework late? They might be late with bill payments, too. Are they organized and mature? Then they might be a compatible roommate in your Ottawa apartment rental.

You want your experience in your Ottawa apartment rental to be positive and stress-free. Choosing the right roommate plays a big part in that. By keeping these questions in mind, you’re much more likely to find a compatible roommate.