Sometimes seeking an apartment in the winter is unavoidable. Make the most of your search by following these helpful do’s and don’ts for winter apartment hunting:


  • Do take advantage of the fact there will be less competition. You will be able to take more time to think about whether or not the rental is a good fit. Units can rent within hours during the spring and summer months so winter apartment hunting allows you to slow down the process, take time to view more units and make a list of pros and cons for each one to find the best fit for you and your lifestyle.
  • Do consider looking at sublets. There will be less apartment rentals in Ottawa in the winter months and a sublet might be the perfect answer. It will also allow you to try the unit on for size before you decide to commit when the lease comes to an end.
  • Do take advantage of student apartment sublets that might come up during the winter break. If you are new in town, this is a perfect way to have a home base for a couple of months when looking for apartment rentals in Ottawa. You can then avoid the expense and inconvenience of staying in a hotel or having to commit to a long lease for a place you’re not crazy about.
  • Do take advantage of rental companies who can help narrow down your search based on your criteria. It is easy to end up settling in the winter months for apartment rentals in Ottawa due to a smaller inventory. A rental company can show you the units that make sense for your needs.


  • Don’t assume smaller inventory means poorer choices. An apartment management company can help you find an apartment more quickly and have a look at as many listings as you would in the saturated summer months.
  • Don’t overlook the opportunity to share an apartment if you are on your own. You can find some excellent options in houses, condos and apartments with all of the perks you are seeking at a fraction of the price.

These do’s and don’ts will make it easier when hunting for apartment rentals in Ottawa in the winter. You are certain to find the perfect home to meet your needs.