If you are planning a DIY move, plan a moving party. It will make it more of a social event as opposed to a chore, especially if you use these fun moving party tips:

Plan Ahead
First, make sure you plan ahead and give people plenty of time to clear their calendars for moving day. It is rude to expect people to assist at the last minute and even worse, many people may not be available which will leave you in a bad position. Let people know what you are planning, such as a packing party or an all-day event with meals and drinks included.

Play Music
Make sure you have your iPod or some sort of music device available so that you can play music to make things more festive. Make sure you play plenty of old favourites and up tempo music to help set the mood while keeping people moving at a good pace.

Arrange Drives
Make sure that everyone is set up with a drive so that they can travel together. You can arrange car pools to cut down on gas consumption, as well as help keep people in a group so that no one is tempted to run off. This is also important if you plan to have cold drinks waiting at your new home so that there are some designated drivers already in place.

Keep things moving by having some friendly competitions. See who can pack the most boxes, load the truck the fastest, etc. and have some fun prizes. Just remind people to be careful with your belongings.

Assign Work
Consider the abilities of friends and family so that people aren’t risking their backs or health during the move. If your mom is around, make sure she isn’t doing the heavy lifting. If you have a friend who has back issues, make sure he isn’t asked to help lift the sofa.

Schedule Breaks
Plan some breaks and serve food and drinks. Have a breakfast with nice croissants and coffee waiting for everyone, plan a light lunch and then have a nice meal planned at the end of the day. This will show your appreciation and keep the party feeling going throughout the day.

Moving is always overwhelming. Just remember, the more the merrier. A moving party will keep people motivated, involve the whole gang and quicken up the process.