Your living space has a lot to say about you and your personality. It tells the people you have over that you can be organized, messy, busy, creative, simple and meticulous. Decorating your place is all about your style, and these days there Martha Stewart and Pinterest give you plenty of do-it-yourself (DIY) project ideas.

Unfortunately not all DIY projects are created equal, some of these projects may look simple but end up becoming more of a problem than anything or they can be too permanent. To help you give you some inspiration here are some simple DIY projects that are useful, creative, and easy to follow:

Chalkboard Frame
Chalkboard walls and cupboards have become extremely popular over the last year, however they can be quite a problem if you’re planning to move or if you’re renting. If you want something less permanent but still artistic and creative paint a frame. Chalkboard frames have many uses and can be hung on the wall or placed on top of a table resting against a wall. They can be used as a message board, shopping/to-do list or even as reminders.

This simple and quick project involves few supplies and can be a great gift for a friend or family member. The chalkboard paint is available at many home improvement and craft stores and is available in a variety colours. Click here for full instructions on how to make your own DIY chalkboard frame.

Tile Coasters
Tile coasters are a great way to add a little personality and creativity to an object that usually isn’t very attractive. This easy to do project is perfect for people who aren’t too crafty and are looking for an easy start. By personalizing these tiles they are great for your own use and also make a good house warming or hostess gift.

This project only requires few materials and is very cost effective. The next time you go to a home improvement store purchase a few tiles, as many as you would like for coaster but be sure to pick up few extra in case of mistakes.  The personalization of the tiles comes from you, and whatever you like. The face of the tiles can be photos, scrapbook paper or even material. Click here for further details on this project.

PVC Pipe Shoe Storage
Good organizational systems are hard to come by, and can be pretty expensive, thankfully you  can make your own. This PVC pipe shoe organizational system can be customized to your liking in terms of size and design.

Simply made by having a large piece of PVC pipe cut into smaller pieces, designed and bound with glue, this project can easily fit into a large or tight space as desired. With all of the materials needed found at a single home improvement store this project could not be easier. Click here for full instructions on this project.