Ottawa apartments can be a little challenging to decorate on a budget. However, you can stay on track with these creative ideas:

Inexpensive Art
Hanging art on your walls can achieve that sophisticated gallery look that is popular in luxury homes. Be sure to check out your local department store to find some truly stunning pieces, or even create your own art using some paint and canvas. If you like, you can also recycle old magazines and turn them into a personal work of art by having your pieces framed. This will give your Ottawa apartment an upscale look and add an impressive focal point to any room.

Natural Decor Touches
Look to nature to find interesting accessories to place throughout your home. From shells and stones, to driftwood and branches, you can create interesting and decorative touches ideal for any apartment. Larger pieces of driftwood can be placed by a fireplace, in your entryway or even be made into a lamp or table.

Customize Lamp Shades
Take dull, colourless lamp shades and customize them with your trusty glue gun. From the simple addition of an elegant band of ribbon to more complicated additions such as beading, feathers or tassels you can add personality and colour to your lamps. Some other ideas include using peel and stick lettering in varying fonts and sizes to write words or just to create a pattern. Numbers work well too. You can also wrap lamp shades with various ropes and twine for a natural or even nautical feel.

Shabby Chic Vignettes
Hit the local flea markets and garage sales to look for finds you can paint and repurpose. Pretty little tables, old chairs and mirrors can all be set together to create little vignettes for your Ottawa apartment. A lick of white or black paint can do wonders to take an old item and make it new. You can also reupholster the seat of an old chair with a chic, modern fabric to create an upscale accent chair at a low cost.

Vibrant Colour
Touches of colour throughout your home can add pizzazz and elegance. Look for strong, vibrant patterns on throw cushions or area rugs. You can also hang some dramatic drapes or add a colourful accent chair.

It is easy to achieve a high end designer look in Ottawa apartments using these budget friendly ideas.