Apartment living has its rewards, but it also comes with a set of challenges. One of those challenges can often be space. How on earth have you accumulated so much stuff that it’s difficult to shut a drawer? Here are some tips on how to declutter your Ottawa rental apartment and make it feel as comfy as the first day you moved in.

Throw Things out

Take a hard look around your apartment. There are certainly items that can stand to be tossed out without much thought. Go room by room and assess the use for certain items. For example, it’s likely that you have changed phones a few times over the last few years and there is sure to be an accumulation of phone chargers littering a drawer in your apartment. Either donate them to a local charity or simply toss them out.

Go Through Your Clothes Once Per Year

An excellent way to create space in your closet is to donate or pass along clothing items you no longer wear. How do you decide what gets the cut and what stays? Simple! Hang all of the hangers in your closet the opposite way of what you normally do. Switch individual hangers back around to the normal position as you wear that article of clothing. After a predetermined amount of time, whatever articles are still left hanging the wrong way are clearly not in your regular clothing rotation and you can probably do without.

Get Baskets

A very cheap way to organize and declutter around your apartment is to put things away. Sounds simple, right? But apartments don’t always have the extra space needed to stash your important things out of sight. Go to the dollar store and pick up some decorative boxes or baskets. They make excellent storage solutions for those odds and ends you can’t seem to find a home for and with them tucked neatly away, your place will quickly become less cluttered.

Clean Out Your Cupboards

It’s very easy to forget about the canned food you bought in 2007 that has been shoved so far back in your cupboards that it’s growing its own coat of dust. Storing items that are clearly not being used is taking up valuable space in your cupboards that could be used for something else. Do a spring clean of your food pantry every year (even if it’s fall!) and discard or donate what is not being used to make way for newer and fresher food!
Take Out Garbage and Recycling Daily

You may not think that your recycling is contributing to your clutter, but it very likely is. Those water bottles you have sitting on your counter or the pizza boxes piling up beside your couch can all can be thrown into the recycling to provide you with a clutter free space. Keeping on top of your household cleaning is the best way to live clutter free.

Make the most of your Ottawa apartment rental with these decluttering tips!