Even with the best organization and forethought, moving day is always hectic. You never want a first-night necessity to be packed in a box beneath pounds of belongings. A moving day supply kit can make sure everything you need is close at hand to ensure a smooth move-in process to your Ottawa apartment rental:


The Bare Necessities

  • Pen & Post-Its. You’ll need to take notes, write reminders, or label boxes for your supportive friends who are helping with moving day. Always have a pen and post-it notes nearby.
  • Scissors. You’ll need a sharp implement to open boxes and packages, especially if you’ve bought anything new that needs to be opened.
  • Sharpie. Who doesn’t need a sharpie close by? Relabel boxes, or scribble evil moustaches once your moving buddies zonk out.
  • Garbage Bags. Get off to a clean start in your Ottawa apartment rental by cleaning up after yourself.


If you are going to be reassembling furniture, hanging up pictures, or putting together new purchases from IKEA, you’ll want to have all of these tools handy:

  • Hammer
  • Wrench
  • Screwdrivers (Phillips and Slotted/Flathead)
  • Small nails for picture hanging
  • Allen wrench
  • Pliers
  • Measuring tape
  • Level

Cleaning Supplies

  • Paper Towel. Paper towel is always handy, and can even serve as a makeshift plate for day one pizza.
  • Cleaning Gloves. If the last tenant wasn’t particularly thorough with their final clean, protect your hands with cleaning gloves.
  • Broom, Mop, and Vacuum. Before you start setting down furniture, take the opportunity to suck up every last fluff of dust.
  • Sponge or Magic Eraser. Whether you need to clean a scuff mark on the wall or wipe down the sink, keep a sponge or magic eraser close at hand.
  • Disinfectant Wipes. Clean up any spills in a pinch and kill any germs.


  • Snacks. Pack some snacks that are easy to enjoy and give you lots of energy. Granola bars, almonds, and fruit are always recommended.
  • Water. It takes up a bit of space, but a 24-pack of bottled water will keep your energy levels up (and your fellow movers will appreciate it).
  • Tunes. Once all the boxes are in and it’s time to unpack, start pumping some music. Not too loud (you don’t want to seem like a bad neighbour on your first day!) but you can set an energetic mood with some jams.
  • Phone Recharger. It might be a long day, so try to keep your phone recharger nearby. You need your phone to order pizza, to brag about your digs, and to take pictures of your awesome Ottawa apartment rental.

Follow this list, and your moving day supply kit will be all ready to go!