Most rental agreements require a security deposit that is withheld if the apartment is not left in tip top condition. If you want to ensure that you get your deposit back, it is important you take good care of your rental apartment during your stay as well as provide a thorough cleaning before you go. Here are some tips on how to clean up before you move out:

Vacuum and Steam Clean/Shampoo
If your apartment is carpeted, you will need to vacuum and if it appears that you have left some stains, rent a steam cleaner and do a thorough cleaning with it. This is especially important if you have pets. Do this a day or two before you move so that the carpet is dry. Be sure to do a final vacuum once the furniture is gone.

If you do not have carpeting, use a vacuum once all of the furniture has been removed so that you can get rid of those nasty dust bunnies and other dirt that has accumulated over time. Take a Swiffer or mop to the floors to remove any dirt or stains.

Patch the Walls
If you had pictures hanging, fill the holes left behind from the nails. While you are at it, fill in any other dents or holes you see. Let the filler dry and then sand it down for a nice smooth finish.

Fresh Paint
If you have used filler, you will have to paint the walls or at least do simple touch ups. If you don’t use filler, but have painted a bold colour such as purple or lime green then most landlords will require you to repaint with a neutral colour such as white or beige.

Pay Attention to Details
Make sure you wipe down all the surfaces in the kitchen and bathroom and remove any mildew and staining. You wouldn’t want to use a tub someone has left with dark rings so be kind and remove all signs of dirt and grime. In the kitchen, clean all of the appliances inside and out and give the sink and counters a good scrub down. Also, look inside the cupboards for any messes. Clean doors and door handles, remove build up from baseboards and wipe down grimy or dirty windows.

To get your deposit back, be sure to remove all of your garbage and do a final once over to make sure everything is in good condition.