If you have decided that you require a roommate to help ease the burden of your living expenses, here are some practical tips to help you choose the perfect roommate:

Moving In
If a potential roommate needs to move in “NOW” there could be some issues with the person. They may have been kicked out of another living situation, are running out on a lease or are just a poor planner. It is always best to choose a roommate who has the same timeline as you and somebody who will share the same overall lifestyle. You wouldn’t want a partier for a roommate if you work 9am-5pm. Make sure you look for these qualities when conducting your roommate search.

Come up with a bunch of questions to find out about the person and their interests. You need to know how they live and how it will affect you or else it could turn into a real nightmare.

Warning Signs
There are many warning signs you can look out for when looking for a roommate. Some of these include bad habits or bad personality traits. Be sure to look out for someone who has bad habits that you may not, such as excessive smoking or drinking. Someone who mentions difficulty with old friends or an ex-partner could mean they lead a life with quite a bit of drama.

If you are the one who is checking out the apartment, take note of important things like dirty dishes, a lot of discarded bottles, and unpleasant odours coming from the fridge, garbage bin, or other areas of the home.

Check out the bathroom if you will have to share it and see how much space they are taking up. Check out the fridge. If there is hardly any food, there is a chance that they will end up eating yours. Make sure you have your own bedroom or you will have nowhere for quiet time.

See if you can do a credit check and ask for job references so you don’t end up with a bad roommate.

Friends can be a blessing or a complete nightmare. It’s best to consider their bad points instead of their good points as this is where the problems will lie.

Find out if they expect to have a partner hanging around a lot as this could be a problem. It could add to your utility bill and you might not get along with them.

There is no perfect formula, but these tips will help you out in your search for the perfect roommate.