When looking for a new pet for your apartment space, you need to consider which pets are both content and suitable for a smaller space. Pets that are large, noisy, and active may not fare well in an apartment. But there are certain pets that do much better in smaller living environments. So, before you adopt a new pet, check out our list of the best apartment pets that are suitable for small space living.


Small, cute, and easy to maintain, hamsters are the perfect apartment pet. They love being cuddled, they enjoy playtime, and you can even teach them tricks. Plus, their cages are compact and inexpensive to purchase and clean.


Contrary to popular belief, there are lots of dog breeds that make suitable apartment pets. Yorkshire Terriers, Bulldogs, Pugs, and Chihuahuas are just some of the many dog breeds that love cozy environments and have the right temperament for living in smaller spaces.


Affectionate, playful and low maintenance, cats are one of the best apartment pets to have. They don’t need to go outside like dogs do for bathroom time, and they are easy to clean up after if left for a period of time. Cats also easily entertain themselves and make excellent use of vertical space and furniture in your home to feel comfortable.


Turtles are often overlooked as pets but are truly great animals. They are quiet, small, social, and don’t need a lot of space to move. All you need is a decent sized glass container, some flora, water, and food, and your turtle will be happy.


A little messy but a wonderfully social and cuddly pet to have is a rabbit. One thing your pet rabbit would need is an enclosed space in their cage, as they are most comfortable in small, snug spots. But that doesn’t mean they don’t love to be loose in the apartment for some exercise and play. Just remember to safety-proof your apartment to ensure your cables and any tight spaces are blocked off.


Aquariums are the perfect setup for your apartment. All you need is a filter, heater, net, fish food, and some toys for the bowl or tank. Just make sure you learn how to keep the aquarium clean properly – balancing pH, alkalinity, water hardness, ammonia and nitrite/nitrate levels, which is necessary to keep the fish healthy.

Just because your apartment is smaller than a house doesn’t mean you can’t have a pet. Consider these choices for the best apartment pets to adopt into your home. Just remember that when you’re living in an apartment, you will also have neighbours, so don’t forget to factor that in when deciding.