We are right in the middle of the hottest time of the year. The sun is beaming all day, the humidity is rising and the heat can become unbearable at times. The temperature doesn’t go down much at night either, leading to an uncomfortable sleeping environment. Not everyone can fit an air conditioner in their window. Not all people can afford using one, either. This is why we have provided you with a number of environmentally friendly ways to beat the heat at night without breaking the bank in your Ottawa apartment:


Set up Fans


If you own a box fan, you should point it out a window. It seems counter-productive, but it will actually push the hot air out of your apartment which will in turn cool things down. If you have a ceiling fan, adjust the setting to have it run counter-clockwise. This will put the hot air up and out instead of just swirling it around the apartment.


If you own an oscillating fan, you should position it across from a window. The wind from the outside and the fan will combine to create a cooling cross-breeze. If you own a few fans, you should position them around your room to help improve the airflow even more.


Cool Down with Cold Water


Cooling yourself down in a cold shower is not just for battling a fever! Taking a nice, cool shower before bed will bring down your core body temperate and rinse off all of the sweat accumulated over the hot day. You will get into bed feeling refreshed and clean.


You can cool down your entire body by dipping your feet in cold water before getting into bed. You can even keep a basin and a towel near your bed so that you can dunk your feet at night if you find yourself overheating.


Sleep Low


If possible, you should set your bed up as low to the ground as possible. Hot air rises, so it can be noticeably cooler near the floor. If your floor is carpeted, you can sleep comfortably with a sleeping bag or just setting down a blanket. If the floor is hard, you can move your mattress off of your box-spring for the night.


Unplug Devices


You can reduce the total heat in your Ottawa apartment by keeping plugs out of sockets when they are not in use at night. It may seem small, but it all adds up. Don’t charge your phone, unplug your clock, turn off your lights, etc. This has the added benefit of saving you money on your hydro bill!


Stay cool, everyone!