Knowing whether or not it’s the right time to make the official move in together can be confusing. You feel like you’ve reached that stage where it just makes sense and feels right, but then you have those hints of doubt that creep into your mind, making you question the idea altogether.

Whether it’s been a few months or a few years, when you make that move together, you want it to be for the right reasons. If you think you might be ready to take that next step in your relationship, here are a few factors that will help reassure you that you’re ready.

The Idea was Mutual

Whose idea was it? Did you both mutually come to this conclusion? If you both feel like this is something that feels right, then you should feel confident that it’s not just something that’s been brought up on a whim, or is being dished out under obligatory pressure.  The last thing you want is to pressure your partner into something when they’re not on the same page.

You’re Practically Living Together Already

Of course, what better sign is there than when you’re already unofficially living together? If it’s gotten to a point where you both practically share the same living space, minus the official title, well, that’s pretty much all you really need to reassure you.

When you’ve cooked, cleaned, and suffered through just about everything together and still feel comfortable and loved, you’ve got a good thing!

You’ve Argued

Comfort and messy hair days aside, in order to really feel confident in this big step, it’s important that you’ve both had a few arguments. Being able to have a tiff and come out okay on the other side, enables you both to see each other’s true colours when some of the inevitable negative emotions come pouring in. So if you’ve fought and survived, while still being respectful towards each other, you should feel good about that next step.

You’ve Talked Money

Finances are one of the main factors that tend to tear relationships apart. Before considering moving in together, make sure that you both have some serious conversations about money. You should know where each person stands in regards to finances, and how you both feel regarding the situation of income so that you’re on the same page when it comes to tackling all of those future bills.

You’re Over the Honeymoon Phase

Finally, time is always a questionable factor when it comes to moving in. But no matter how eager you may be to live together, waiting until you feel confident about jumping over and through that honeymoon phase will ensure that you both are making the right move. Of course you can never know the outcome for sure, but it’s important to get past that blissfully, dazed, lovesick stage before taking that next big step forward.

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