Apartment hunting has come a long way since the days of reading the papers for listings and pounding the pavement checking out units. 2014 will rely heavily on technology to make apartment hunting a lot easier without all of the leg work required in the past. Here is a guide of the tools available.


The internet has made apartment hunting easier from viewing apartments to narrowing down your search with the following tools:

  • Detailed Searches: There are many websites dedicated specifically to apartment rentals. You can use these search engines to narrow down your search. All you have to do is enter the information based on your needs such as apartment size, rent, day you wish to move and location. The search will provide you with a list of apartments and often include links with virtual tours or at least images of the apartment both inside and out.
  • Location Searches: You can also conduct a location search to learn about neighbourhoods you are considering. You can investigate everything from crime rates to amenities and travel conveniences to local shopping centres.
  • Transportation: You can check out bus schedules, routes and fares to help judge travel times to and from work. You can also check out travel routes by car and track details down to how many kilometers you will have to travel each day.
  • Property Management Sites: Property management web sites can also assist with your apartment hunt as they list all of their rental units making it easier to find an apartment in a building managed by a trusted management company. You can do a quick search and keep an eye out for new listings in buildings in which you are interested.

Cell Phone and GPS

Your cell phone can be a handy tool while apartment hunting. You can use your phone to collect images of apartments you view and use them to compare against each other to make a final decision.

You can also take pictures of the state of the apartment and use it to ensure changes your new landlord promised to complete before you move in are completed. As well your GPS can help you navigate from location to location using the quickest routes to save time if you are seeing more than one apartment in a day.

These tools promise to make apartment hunting strategy easier with the use of technology as your guide.