When you move into an apartment for the first time, there are some important ways in which etiquette really comes into play. It’s not always a smooth or easy transition coming from a house, but in order to keep the peace and make the best out of your new living space without irritating the neighbours, here are some apartment etiquette tips to be aware of.

Be Respectful of Noise

The main thing that can really irritate your neighbours is excessive noise. When you live in an apartment, the fact is that the walls, ceilings, and floors are not as thick as you think. Sound can easily permeate into your neighbour’s home. Be mindful and respectful when hosting a party, or deciding whether or not to install the surround sound. Apartment living can be amazing, but it does require some sacrifices, such as being able to blast your music at two o’clock in the morning. Feel free to blast away…through headphones.

Train Your Dog

If you have a furry loved one that will be moving into the apartment with you, don’t be that neighbour with the untrained, obnoxious dog that barks incessantly. Give your dog ample amount of time for walks and keep on top of that training to minimize barking.

Be Mindful of Laundry

If your complex has a laundry facility, keep in mind that there are many other occupants who need to wash their clothing too. When you go down to place a load of laundry on, set a timer so that you don’t forget to take your clothes out. It can be frustrating for others who are waiting to use the machine, but it can also be very easy to forget.

Clean Up After Yourself

Whether you’ve been basking out by the pool or using the communal BBQ, always remember that you have a community of others that you are sharing these spaces with so you should always clean up after yourself. Place your chair back where you got it, place the pool noodle back in the right spot, and clean the BBQ after you’ve used it.

Don’t Slam Doors

Try to avoid slamming your door each time you enter and exit. That minor banging can really add up to be one major aggravation. So again, just be mindful and keep the peace by taking that extra second to close it gently.

Apartment etiquette comes down to being respectful of the fact that you are sharing a space with others. Always try and keep the noise down, control any furry pets you have, and always clean up after yourself.