Whether you’ve just moved in or you’ve been living there for years, it’s always a good idea to host a Christmas party when the festive season rolls around. Christmas parties provide the perfect opportunity to see long-lost family members or catch up with friends you’ve been too busy to see. They’re also the ideal way to get to know your colleagues outside of the office. Plus, in a city like Ottawa, Christmas is always a truly memorable experience since the snowy backdrop is so beautiful. Below are three ways in which to host an unforgettable Christmas party in your Ottawa apartment.

Plan Your Menu In Advance

It’s absolutely vital to plan your menu well in advance. Send a preview out to all of your party guests, or tell them in a more casual way. Whether you plan an extravagant three-course dinner or opt for a simple but delicious buffet, the choice is completely up to you. Just make sure to verify with your guests at least a week before the actual party if anyone requires vegetarian, vegan, or gluten-free food, or if anyone has a serious food allergy.

Only Invite Who You Want To

This sounds painfully obvious, but you’d be surprised at just how many people invite people for the sake of their families, so a friend doesn’t feel left out, etc. The main thing to consider is that it’s your Christmas party and you shouldn’t have to put up with any guests who are rude or unpleasant just because you’re thinking of the other people at the party. Invite who you want to invite, and if you don’t think it’s a wise idea to invite so and so, then so be it! It’s your night and you should enjoy it with the people you love the most.

Maintain The Theme

It’s a Christmas party, so you don’t want your apartment looking like it does for the other 11 months of the year. Decorate elaborately! After all, Christmas only comes around once a year. Decorate the walls with pretty wreaths and sparkly tinsel, and make sure your Christmas tree is looking in tip-top shape, flashing lights and all. Use a festive red tablecloth on the dining table with pretty little gold stars sprinkled around. Queue up a Christmas playlist on Spotify and tell guests to wear at least one festive accessory or item of clothing. The “Christmas” element will really bring the party to life and brighten everyone’s spirits the instant they walk through the door.

Hosting Duties

Don’t forget your responsibilities as a host. If you will be serving refreshments of the alcoholic variety, make sure you give your guests safe options. Assign designated drivers, coordinate Uber/Taxi pickups, or offer sleeping quarters to your guests. A safe Christmas is a Merry Christmas!