Ottawa is a big city with plenty of apartment inventory. With so much choice, you can find the right apartment to suit your needs at a price that makes sense for your budget. As you begin your Ottawa apartment search, make sure to consider these factors to find the perfect place for you:

Security should always be a priority. Make sure the front door has a deadbolt lock and peephole. If there is a patio or balcony door, make sure it locks and consider purchasing a security bar. Make sure there is adequate lighting in the hallway, outdoors, and in other shared spaces. Check the status of the windows, whether they open and close, and if they lock or have security bars.

Every apartment has different utilities included and excluded. Make sure you factor this in when considering price, as two apartments listed for the same price could actually be very different prices in the end based on the utilities included. Find out if heat, hydro or water are included or not, and how much these bills usually cost. Ask for estimates for both summer and winter, as these costs can vary greatly based on heating or air conditioning usage. In rare cases, cable or internet may be included so be sure to ask.

Check to see if appliances like a dishwasher, microwave or garbage disposal are included in the unit. Also find out if laundry machines are found in the unit, in the building or if you have to go off-site to do laundry. Make sure all appliances including the refrigerator/freezer, oven and stove are in good working order.

Good Repair
Location and space are important considerations, but you also want to make sure any home you consider during your Ottawa apartment search is in a state of good repair. Check for things like non-leaky faucets, good water pressure, properly working smoke detectors, working light bulbs, no evidence of mold or insect problems and more. Bring a checklist with you so you don’t overlook any important considerations.

Find out if parking is included with your rent, if it is available for an extra fee or if you can park on the street. If only street parking is available, consider the density of the neighbourhood and whether or not it is feasible to find a parking spot near your home on a daily basis.

These tips should help you find the right place during your Ottawa apartment search.