Many people look at apartments more as temporary dwellings. This makes an apartment feel less homey and can make living there dreary. Here are eight easy ways to make your Ottawa apartment feel like home:

Area Rugs
Whether your apartment has hardwood floors or carpeting, adding a few area rugs will add some personality and a give your space a more homey feeling. It will also add a splash of colour and will help ground the room. Area rugs work well under dining room tables, in the centre of your main seating area or even peeking out from the foot of your bed.

Get Organized
Apartment living can be a little tight and unfortunately, small living spaces tend to get messy fast. Make sure you have shelving and storage to keep things organized. Look for items such as decorative boxes and baskets as well as armoires and shelving units that will provide storage and a place to display favourite items, books and photos.

Hang Some Art
You don’t have to get fancy with your art, it just takes a few prints, photos and frames to bring some personality into your space. Some affordable ideas include buying 8” x 10” frames and creating groups of black and white printouts from the internet or your own photos. Another easy idea is to buy discount calendars featuring images of something you enjoy from flowers and movie stars to cities and technology. You can also scour flea markets and sales for pre-framed prints you might like.

Hang Some Drapes
Get some colourful or textured drapes to soften your apartment windows as well as to add some much needed privacy in bedrooms and living rooms. Pair the drapes with sheers or blinds to allow for natural light during the day.

Add your own light fixtures; this is great because you can take them with you when you go. Then add some task lighting to add warmth as well as interest.

Most landlords will allow you to paint and some will even offer to pay. Go with warm, neutral colours for a welcoming feel. If you stick with neutral colours your landlord might not ask you to repaint it when you leave.

Buy a nice fluffy, warm duvet to add colour and personality to your bedroom.

Kitchens and Bathrooms
A shower curtain and matching accessories can spruce up your bathroom and new handles and lighting can personalize your kitchen.

These tips will help create a comfortable living space that is nice to come home to and welcoming to guests.