If you are looking for ways to spruce up your home, here are eight luxury design trends that apartment dwellers are embracing for 2014:

There is a distinct desire to unite global influences in today’s luxury apartments and many designers are discovering the colourful impact of cultural fabrics. Vibrant, influential and unique, cultural patterns can bring a sense of multiculturalism into the home with exotic touches from fabrics to area rugs. Good examples of this are woven Dhurrie rugs from India.

Yellow Metal
Once viewed as the metal of the 80’s, brass is making a comeback in luxury apartments due to its elegance and sophistication. From picture frames to kitchen and bathroom hardware, brass is back with a vengeance.

70’s Revival
Brass is not the only material making a comeback. Look for 70’s influences including thick corduroy, fiber art and macramé to bring that touch of hip yet sophisticated groove.

Lightening Up
Those dark woods are soon to be a thing of the past with warmer, honey coloured woods making their way back into homes. Pure, raw finishes in oaks and pine are rustic yet still hold their own in sophisticated luxury apartments.

Colour Palette 2014
Perhaps influenced by the paler woods and return of brass, yellow is a colour that is bringing sunshine and brightness into the home for 2014. Other popular colours include a mass of blue hues, elegant Parisian influenced black and white and, of course, orchid, Pantones’ colour of the year. Beige is now a no when it comes to design. Instead, opt for that pop of colour.

Unexpected Sheers
Window sheers are another item making a comeback and in unexpected textiles such as wool and linen. These sheers allow for privacy and light while adding more texture than the traditional fabrics.

Animal Print
Interestingly, faux cow hide and other faux animal materials are being added in details such as chair upholstery, area rugs and even throw cushions. When paired with the paler woods and brass you can definitely create a unique design.

Chunky Textiles
That sweater you love to cuddle up in on cold winter days is the inspiration that is bringing a chunky knit texture into the home decorating sphere for everything from cushions to accessories.

Luxury apartment décor embraces these 2014 trends for an cutting edge look.