If you toss and turn each and every night struggling to get a decent night sleep, it end up impacting your entire life. Without a proper, restful sleep each night, your body and mind aren’t getting the recharge that they need in order to function properly and stay sharp and healthy.

But there could be a few simple factors that could be hindering your quality of sleep. If you’re struggling to get some decent shut-eye, here are five ways to help make your bedroom more snooze-friendly.

Block out Any Light

Light stimulates the body and mind, and tells it that it’s time to wake up. So any form of light that’s permeating into your room, whether it’s from the streetlights outside or even a glowing night light, these sources that are causing even the slightest degree of light to illuminate into your room could be the problem. Try to eliminate all factors of light at night so that you can sleep in complete darkness. If you can’t darken the room completely, consider wearing a sleep mask to block out the light.

Remove and Gadgets

Aside from light, it’s also wise to remove any computers or tech gear from your bedroom. Studies have shown how devices such as computers, and even modems can impede your quality of sleep when they are placed near your bed. So keep these noisy, blinking, distracting devices outside of the bedroom if possible.

Power Down

Staring at your phone or computer right before you go to bed can also overstimulate your brain. Give yourself at least 20 minutes before bedtime to power down any luminous devices so that your body and mind can settle and get ready to sleep.

Use White Noise

Many find that complete silence can be uncomfortable to sleep in. And alternatively, too much noise from the neighbours or pedestrians out on the street could have the same effect. So to combat both problems, use white noise. A fan, air purifier, or even downloading an app for white noise are all ways to try this out. It can provide you with the perfect balance of muffled sound to help you sleep.

Don’t Eat Before Bed

Of course, we’ve all heard how eating right before bed isn’t good for our health. But it can also impact your quality of sleep as well. So cut out eating at least one hour before you go to bed.

If you’re suffering from poor quality of sleep, there could be some simple factors that are the culprit. In order to optimize your bedroom, use these tips to create your perfect space for some quality snoozing.