Apartment hunting in Ottawa can be a daunting task. At Sleepwell Property Management, our reputation says it all. We want our tenants to feel safe and comfortable. We provide all of the services and information that you need to feel confident that you have found the right apartment. Here are seven reasons to rent your next apartment from Sleepwell Property Management:

  1. Area Experts: Nobody knows Ottawa better than Sleepwell. We manage properties throughout Ottawa and the surrounding areas and know all about the neighbourhoods, amenities and transportation. We understand rental pricing and can help you find an apartment where you want to live at a price you can afford.
  2. More Rentals: We manage properties in over 22 neighbourhoods in the Ottawa area making it easy to find something in a location suited to your needs.
  3. Reasonable Rent: We believe in charging fair rental prices for the properties we manage. We give careful consideration to location, size, amenities and conveniences and we price our units accordingly. We understand that when apartments are over-priced it makes affordable housing unreachable for students and families.
  4. Maintenance: We take care of the properties we manage and understand the value of a well-maintained building.
  5. Advanced Apartment Search: We also offer an easy to use online advanced apartment search that allows you to enter your requirements and find the listings that best meet your needs. This can cut down on a lot of leg work and allows you to find apartments based on size, location, rent, availability or type of home. Simply enter your information and find out what is available and when it will be move-in ready.
  6. All Types of Rentals: We manage all different types of properties which means that you can find everything from apartment rentals and condos to townhouses and houses. Many property management companies focus on apartment complexes and do not cater to the tenants that might be looking for something with a little more character.
  7. Family Friendly: Our apartments are perfect for families who need more space and amenities such as playgrounds, backyards and safe communities.

These are just seven reasons out of many as to why you should make Sleepwell Property Management your go-to resource for apartment hunting in Ottawa.