Want to be on top of the style world in 2015? Here are some of the hot new apartment design trends that you can use to bring your Ottawa apartment from bland to blazing this year:

If you’re looking for a tone to use as a base, grey has replaced beige as the default. It’s a great colour because it looks sharp and stylish on its own yet it also pairs well with virtually every other shade. With grey as your starting point, any splashes of colour that you add will look chic.

Quirky Stripes
Stripes are back in style this year. Consider using stripes on everything from artwork to glassware and throw pillows, but don’t overdo it – one bold accent is enough. You don’t want your apartment to look like a magic eye puzzle.

Natural Elements
Hints of natural elements can really make your apartment feel peaceful and relaxing just like the great outdoors. Anything from a green shaggy rug which imitates grass to a natural stone display can bring some of nature’s best elements indoors.

Flower Prints
Flower prints are back in a big way and the more colourful and vivid, the better. Just don’t overdo it or you’ll be mimicking grandma’s couch instead of the freshness and beauty of flowers.

Indigo Blue
Ditch the navy and the baby blue – 2015 is the year for indigo. Accents with this rich colour add a deep pop of sophistication to any room. While we’d love to see full commitment to this colour (like a gorgeous indigo velvet couch), it’s more practical to settle for a throw blanket and accent pieces.

2015 is all about unique and noticeable lighting options. Take a trip to the flea market or dig through your parents’ garage for vintage lamps. Pair them with eco-friendly lightbulbs for the best of past and present.

60s Styles
These became hip again in the late 2000s with the popularity of Mad Men, and they aren’t going anywhere fast. Mix and match great throwback colours with vintage patterns for a sophisticated look that has your apartment looking fabulous.

With a whole year of great apartment decor coming up, get ahead of the curve with these popular apartment design trends for 2015.